Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the heck do you do with 1/2 chaps

So I have been asked many times since working with The Curvy Cowgirl... what the heck am I doing with those leather 1/2 chaps.  So all of you english and show riders sit back and relax.  I want to talk with my western, trail, endurance and backyard -pleasure gals and those of you that don't ride at all.

If you have known me for any length of time.. you know that I am an amateur rider - but LOVE LOVE LOVE to ride.  In this pic you see my FF 1/2 chaps, brown and black - proudly well worn.  Here is my list of why I wear them - for you to consider and respond with your thoughts.

1.Ook so the truth is they are way cool and part of a costume that I want to be a part of -  being a lover of all things english including Miss Suzanne Wild at FF.
2. So now that we are past my love of costumes... they are leather - smell good and look great ( again all about me..:-))
3. They are warm in the winter
4.  They give some support to my old calf - that probably needs to wear TEDS hose... if you dont know what those are-- be glad.
5. They protect my lower leg from scratchy things
6. I like how they create a little "stick to it" when I am riding in my BB pad or BB( Bare Back)
7. When I put them on - it is my uniform for riding and playing with my horse - I can't back out once they are zipped
8. Raven can't tear my Jean Genies on the fence post when she decides she wants to be done riding,
9. The ritual of cleaning them and shining them - gives me time to slow down and appreciate that my ancestors have been using leather horse gear for years.  I am a part of the tradition.
10. It makes me feel official...and did I mention they look cool.

OK so there are loads of reasons to wear them that have nothing to do with my reasons -but truth is truth...

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