Friday, January 2, 2009

Igloo Mama

After our initial complications and having to bottlefeed this little foal - we were exhausted - having to get up every two hours.. worth it but tired -

Well after about a week of bottle feeding = spilled buckets and sleepless nights ... hubby found this on the internet-- it is called an igloo mama :-) you can get an igloo water cooler-- unscrew the spigot and replace it with a PCV extension-- really easy --- and a lambs nipple fits on the end... and well-- warm milk - anytime he likes....yipee!!! he is up to 2 gallons a day now - eating when he likes..heheh igloo mama is very popular at our house!!

We had him out exercising and he started bumping me-- I lead him back to the Igloo Mama and he trotted over to her in relief-- he also sleeps under her..:-)
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