Thursday, December 23, 2010

Raven was unridable

WHAT??  Jenny said -- "the length of your rope does not match the exuberance of your horse..." no one faint.. she said this about Raven. She said this after Raven jerked me to the end of her 22 foot rope in a leap and canter of sheer exuberance. Mind you I was still at the other end.. barely... laughing.. stumbling. Out comes the 45 foot - snake of a rope. Bah Humbug - I need practice.

About 1/2 way through the spiraling  and transitions on line lesson ( with aforementioned 45 ft rope neatly wrapped around my ankles) she said..." there now she looks safe to ride."  WHAT??   as if to say she was unsafe to ride before.  I have no words.

We have come to another crossroad - a sweet taste of time and relationship where my old gal is exuberant beyond measure and I get so be a part of it. So Raven - have I progressed enough that you can show me this part of yourself without scaring me silly?  More 45 foot rope practice to come.
Rock on Raven

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sometimes you just have to cry

Sometimes a horse comes into your life that captures you.  Meet Beemer - she is a lovely OLD mare that belongs to friends of ours- too old to make a cross county trip.  She had the run of the big pen -- and lived a life of ease and comfort.  But before long she started having issues with her hind quarters  - and ceased to be able to get up unassisted.  So during the colder days we put her in the little barn with deep bedding and she did well until today.

It was her time to go and rather then endure a cold night where she could not get up- she peacefully ended her life in a gentle way - not scared - not worried or in pain.  Thanks to my gentle hearted husband...a brave man with a heart of mush..

So we cried - why - we only knew her a little while ... but it didn't matter she was precious - like a foal...sometimes events like this releases a river of tears waiting for a good time to flow... that is what happened today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In praise of Dalton

I think this is the only picture I have of Dalton - I need to change that.  He has been working for us for 3 years - since he was a little guy.hmm = maybe longer than that.

Dalton has been the caretaker of my horses - feeding in the evenings come rain or shine.   Helping when we go away for a while.

He is sweet and knowledgeable and tonight he once again earned his keep.

A quiet knock on the door and he let me know that an old mare we are keeping for a friend was down and although they tried - be could not get her up.  So three of us - worked in 10 degree weather to get her up and set up a comfy little barn for her -- with panels and feed - hay and water...they he said as he was  leaving...
Is that all you need? Is there anything else?.... what kind of kid does that...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Raven bucks and runs

Raven was exuberant yesterday- during warm up she was cantering with ease and throwing her head - a couple of bucks.. i think she does it to make me laugh.  
We rode in our english saddle ( with extender) and I have to say the I really like that saddle.  It is a Wintec 500 suggested by my friend Jenny. it is so comfy and I like the contact.

So the best news is - we cantered easily - a few strides at a time.  Smoothly - gently - like the lope of quarter horse - it was the best .  We had a wonderful time together.. practicing lightness of hands.. and no hands.

Mom came by - and I have a witness

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the heck do you do with 1/2 chaps

So I have been asked many times since working with The Curvy Cowgirl... what the heck am I doing with those leather 1/2 chaps.  So all of you english and show riders sit back and relax.  I want to talk with my western, trail, endurance and backyard -pleasure gals and those of you that don't ride at all.

If you have known me for any length of time.. you know that I am an amateur rider - but LOVE LOVE LOVE to ride.  In this pic you see my FF 1/2 chaps, brown and black - proudly well worn.  Here is my list of why I wear them - for you to consider and respond with your thoughts.

1.Ook so the truth is they are way cool and part of a costume that I want to be a part of -  being a lover of all things english including Miss Suzanne Wild at FF.
2. So now that we are past my love of costumes... they are leather - smell good and look great ( again all about me..:-))
3. They are warm in the winter
4.  They give some support to my old calf - that probably needs to wear TEDS hose... if you dont know what those are-- be glad.
5. They protect my lower leg from scratchy things
6. I like how they create a little "stick to it" when I am riding in my BB pad or BB( Bare Back)
7. When I put them on - it is my uniform for riding and playing with my horse - I can't back out once they are zipped
8. Raven can't tear my Jean Genies on the fence post when she decides she wants to be done riding,
9. The ritual of cleaning them and shining them - gives me time to slow down and appreciate that my ancestors have been using leather horse gear for years.  I am a part of the tradition.
10. It makes me feel official...and did I mention they look cool.

OK so there are loads of reasons to wear them that have nothing to do with my reasons -but truth is truth...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We braved the 24 degree temps to ride

Gloves - check, Stocking cap - check , Jacket - check - bridle warm? check

In weather like this I have visions of the scene from the Christmas Story - where the kids stick their tongues on the frozen pole and it sticks.  Putting that cold metal bridle in Ravens mouth - oh I can't even think about it. So I keep her brindle in the tack room - near the light .  And I am not embarrassed to say that I  DID stick my tongue on part of the bridle metal to make sure it would not freeze her.

Secret Passion"AKA Raven" 
Three months have gone by and we are both in pretty silly shape... so I thought one more excuse to not ride was the weather - but NOT today.  She seemed pretty happy to be out with me and even waited for me at the mounting block while I went to get her some treats from the house.. she was till there 5 minutes later- looking at me like "Come - ON" Warming up was great - she was in an extremely frisky mood and cantered way to easily - pretty funny for a 22 yo horse.  I laughed out loud several times - seeing the colt in her come out.  My neighbors thing I am crazy I am sure.

Worked on communication in transitions.  from walk - flat footwalk  -to walk - to dog walk - foxtrot  Throw in a few stop and back ups and we had a good time.  Cantered back to the tack room as is our custom - light and easy,

Thank you Raven the wonder horse. I love you