Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sometimes you just have to cry

Sometimes a horse comes into your life that captures you.  Meet Beemer - she is a lovely OLD mare that belongs to friends of ours- too old to make a cross county trip.  She had the run of the big pen -- and lived a life of ease and comfort.  But before long she started having issues with her hind quarters  - and ceased to be able to get up unassisted.  So during the colder days we put her in the little barn with deep bedding and she did well until today.

It was her time to go and rather then endure a cold night where she could not get up- she peacefully ended her life in a gentle way - not scared - not worried or in pain.  Thanks to my gentle hearted husband...a brave man with a heart of mush..

So we cried - why - we only knew her a little while ... but it didn't matter she was precious - like a foal...sometimes events like this releases a river of tears waiting for a good time to flow... that is what happened today.

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