Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Southland Clinic

Southland Clinic in Marshfield, MO
Jenny Vaught and a cast of Characters!

There were several folks there completely new or almost new to the ways of natural horsemanship and several seasoned participants -- and a few of us in between. The first part of the day was spent teaching, reviewing and refining the games... those that were new -- learned and us with a little more time at the end of the carrot stick were given refinement instructions by Jenny--- and of course we watched as Jenny gave great demonstrations of phases with a couple of horses... The arena was quite large and so we had lots of room to work. As always the camaraderie was great and I appreciate the attention given to our novice young men -- as we gave them the opportunity to see another way of handling horses and themselves. Hope had her lovely new filly -April- what a pretty and smart Baby -- and of course Raffle the wonder horse - .Linda and Gary with Buddy and Charlie rode at the end of the day - when the arena was more empty - and it was fun to see the results of the day for them. Denise was a pleasure to meet and her horse did really well with the games and riding. She had a beautiful and athletic partner. We got to see Suzy and her triumphs and challenges with Miss Mac. What a good job she is doing to restore that horse's confidence...that little Paso Finos feet really MOVE!! Bonnie and I just soaked up each others company -- and Suzy, Dalton and I all did passenger lessons with her.. how fun is that... thanks Susan for being our leader - in follow the leader.Jeanette and Reno played and rode. We are seeing them develop a great relationship!! It was a windy day and Reno did really well dealing with his "spookies" about the wind. I hope I did not leave anyone out...we had a great group of Auditors that were so supportive and fun to hang out with. As always ---love being with horse folks. my husband made the comment -- that my horse friends are such "real" truly great people. Take care