Thursday, December 23, 2010

Raven was unridable

WHAT??  Jenny said -- "the length of your rope does not match the exuberance of your horse..." no one faint.. she said this about Raven. She said this after Raven jerked me to the end of her 22 foot rope in a leap and canter of sheer exuberance. Mind you I was still at the other end.. barely... laughing.. stumbling. Out comes the 45 foot - snake of a rope. Bah Humbug - I need practice.

About 1/2 way through the spiraling  and transitions on line lesson ( with aforementioned 45 ft rope neatly wrapped around my ankles) she said..." there now she looks safe to ride."  WHAT??   as if to say she was unsafe to ride before.  I have no words.

We have come to another crossroad - a sweet taste of time and relationship where my old gal is exuberant beyond measure and I get so be a part of it. So Raven - have I progressed enough that you can show me this part of yourself without scaring me silly?  More 45 foot rope practice to come.
Rock on Raven

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