Sunday, December 5, 2010

We braved the 24 degree temps to ride

Gloves - check, Stocking cap - check , Jacket - check - bridle warm? check

In weather like this I have visions of the scene from the Christmas Story - where the kids stick their tongues on the frozen pole and it sticks.  Putting that cold metal bridle in Ravens mouth - oh I can't even think about it. So I keep her brindle in the tack room - near the light .  And I am not embarrassed to say that I  DID stick my tongue on part of the bridle metal to make sure it would not freeze her.

Secret Passion"AKA Raven" 
Three months have gone by and we are both in pretty silly shape... so I thought one more excuse to not ride was the weather - but NOT today.  She seemed pretty happy to be out with me and even waited for me at the mounting block while I went to get her some treats from the house.. she was till there 5 minutes later- looking at me like "Come - ON" Warming up was great - she was in an extremely frisky mood and cantered way to easily - pretty funny for a 22 yo horse.  I laughed out loud several times - seeing the colt in her come out.  My neighbors thing I am crazy I am sure.

Worked on communication in transitions.  from walk - flat footwalk  -to walk - to dog walk - foxtrot  Throw in a few stop and back ups and we had a good time.  Cantered back to the tack room as is our custom - light and easy,

Thank you Raven the wonder horse. I love you


the Goodwife said...

My horse Champ is 22 as well and is still a hot box after all this time. More fun to ride that way! Glad you got to enjoy some time together!

susanfxtrt said...

How Amazing! you are a rider!

Apryl said...

I am a Rider!!!