Sunday, November 9, 2008

First "Real" trail ride

It was definitely a day to remember. :-) My mother and I laughed all the way home about the going up the steep hill prep ( me trying to figure out how to go somewhere else) Until you said it was ok. It is such a privilege to have you as my mentor... to have the opportunity to see things through your experience and learn . But also have a great time. How fun it was to be able to trust your assessment - knowing you knew me and my horse --- it was truly a blast.About the old stuff... I am not so sure a younger person would have stayed on. I watched the whole thing - and she side stepped a bit with her bucking at the end -- and that is when you got dusty. Take care and nurse your wounds for more riding comes soon!!Great to see you and Sue -- and fun to ride together...and your are welcome for the lunch -- it is fun to eat together. Wohoo - we are riders!!!

From Susan:

I keep replaying the sight of you going fast on the trail...leaving us behind. That is the most beautiful memory along with the climbing of the hill memory. I bet Raven had the best of time on the trail. Plus you are her leader and she knows that she is special. We didn't make her work very hard and we quit at the right time. All that is good memory in her storage area! You have proved yourself to her and she likes you now. that's what I believe.