Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being Aunt Bonnie

I forgot to tell you -- I had Immy Raven Bonnie and Scout together....in one pasture...been working up to that -- so Immy did not get mugged with the baby. but anyway -- I had just added Raven -- she seemed great...but the next day - Raven had stolen the baby-- and had it off in a corner....immy in the barn-- with a full udder... so needless to say --I got that fixed ( Immy is pretty timid) Took Raven out... she had milk... good grief....she does that when she cycles. Raven whinnied most of the morning - being anxious... what a good mom in her day she must have been... I felt sorry for her....I kept sending her thoughts of Immy giving birth --- but still it was sad...she had gotten very attached. So anyway --- all is back to being well -- Scout is Immy's constant companion...it is lovely to watch him get between her and a dog -- or someone he does not know...... life-- it is a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bonnie in the Tack house

Gotta love my Bonnie... Keep in mind that our feed/tack house is the size of the cabin or bathroom at Tony and Jennys /Here’s something you’ll like - - - - - I was taking the saddle off of Bonnie today at the tack house. I had given Bonnie a couple of handfuls of grain to eat to keep her busy while I was getting everything rst day of summer-- and as I am sitting here in my Atlanta hotel....I put up. I started to put your saddle on the stand and it folded up and fell over, I grabbed the saddle, stepped over the hay and proceeded to try and keep everything upright including me. I finally managed to get everything straight and turned to go out. Imagine my surprise and fright when Bonnie was standing IN the tack house, she had her front feet and most of her body inside – the look on her face seem to say, “I came in here to find the food, so where is it?” I backed her out and gave her some more grain. I would think that trailer loading would be a cinch from now on. The tack house has to be far more claustrophobic. What a girl, yesterday she was bucking on line and today she walked into the tack house - - - - she is really somethin’.