Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The saga of the red vest

For the world games - I asked Suzanne Wild at Fuller Fillies to make us something special to commemorate the event... she came up with a lovely red vest - think of a faux suede - wescot type vest that looks as good in the show ring as in the office.  It is so cute and has "the curvy cowgirl" embroidered on the pocket flap.

So why the "saga" title?  There is so much I don't know or understand about how things work in shipping and customs... the vests were late leaving the manufacturer and so had to be shipped direct...what I didn't realize is how complicated that is... I knew it was expensive...but what I didn't know was that the government has strict rules about who can import goods..Now - Mike and I are just a little company with big ideas.  A married partnership with no official papers that outline our partnership -other than our marriage license.  The Customs folks needed proof that we were partners and a legal partnership  - It was all quite comical - at least now - at this time I seem to remember swearing a little.

So at any rate.. the vests will be meeting us in Lexington rather than making the trip from home - they will make opening day on Saturday-- Every time I turn around ... I am learning something new... and honestly - I don't mind it - us horse people are avid students... I just wish I could choose WHEN I learn my lessons!

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