Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How many trucks can I break...

OK so we bought an old Uhaul to take the place to Tug the truck and old Blue - I broke them over the last few months...This old Uhaul is named "Thumper".. and is AWESOME - has loads of room and can take my trailer. Fast forward to today... all the packing and worrying and final plans. Went to start the Truck and ---- thats right.. NOTHING...

I sat in a slightly catatonic state- and somewhere from the porch I hear --- " is everything alright?" no I say quietly. sooo at anyrate-- the starter is dead - and my excellent husband/wonderman... proceeded to get under it and take the starter out and put in a new one...so did I say how sexy he is with grease all over him?

We are on our way tomorrow..I managed to forget to order some of the fixtures to show the boots..( I was soooo sure I did) so I did that.. can I blame that on menopause??  Huuurumph.  It will be here tomorrow thank goodness and we will only be a little late getting started.

Then to top this all off - I had arranged for the farrier - good friend of ours, Tony Vaught to come today.  So could I put any more pressure on myself?  That my friends - was the BEST thing I did all day.  2-3 hours with my lovely horses ( trimmed 10) and good friend Tony.  I was renewed after spending the afternoon working with my big  beauties and was so proud of how they behaved,,, well all but Baby Huey - he was being a teenager... but even that made me smile... and lets be honest... there are worse ways to spend the day, than admiring your farrier's assets..:-)

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