Saturday, September 25, 2010

more stories like before

it is a long day - from 8 am to 10pm....but made worthwhile by the women who come into our shop and ar so happy to have us.  Went well today - but somewhat slower than expected.  I hope it picks up this week.

Mike went home today - so Nicole and I are manning the ship and although I did not break the truck - breaking out of the storage area may be a trick - they have it blocked off.  I am sure we can find someone to help us get out.  At least I hope so.I guess we could sleep in the truck - there are lots of soft things to snuggle with in there.

So story of the day - a lady came in and said she met Lolly and I in Ohio and she wanted to thank us.  For something we didnt know we did.  Lolly and I have a way of being blunt about proper undedrgarments and well fitted clothes to make one feel good about herself.  Well this lady said we had told her she was wearing her clothes too big and needed proper well fitted undergarments - to show off her lovely figure.  She said she did that -- and it put her on the road to improving her self esteem. She was dressing in well fitting pants that showed off her figure and had on a CUTE western top like all the girls are wearing...and it looked wonderful on her!! - she gave us a big hug!!

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