Friday, August 22, 2008


Todays post starts about 15 years ago- when I found the most adorable puppy under a "free puppies " sign at the local walmart... ok so perhaps I might get in trouble for bringing home such a fuzzy bundle... but what is life without a puppy!! So Haley came to us.

Always a bit aloof-- but ever the watchful companion - keeping Logan out of the street by holding onto his diaper.. playing in the snow -- her favorite thing...later she moved in with 3 other older dogs and had free run of 40 acres with a pack of goofy hounds just like her! She was a happy girl.

Over the last year -- her once robust figure became thinner.. and she walked more slowly -- and as the other pack members passed to the other side... she was allowed to come in the house - to not be alone - then there we a couple of more puppies.. she was not terribly tolerant of them - barking and snarling when they got to rambuncious - trying to keep order.. that was always her job.

Last night she had a HUGE ration of puppy food and beef broth.. ate it all and snoozed, stayed with us as Mike brush-hogged the field and sat comfortable in the green grass.

She followed me out to feed the horses - her normal routine. It was then that she decided she had enough - and laid down for the last time. Mike, Logan and I sat with her -- as she was in no pain - and kept the sun off of her as she made her quiet journey out of this life. As always - unobtrusive - gentle - it was strange to see the horses walk by - looking down - Bonnie stayed very close - and watched - looked at me - and was concerned with my sadness... but they walked on - and Haley was gone.

I will miss her...but it was her time to go - no doubt about it - hard to say good bye - but at least I had that chance. It was my priveledge to pet her soft and furry head as she breathed her last breath and wish her well and an easy journey... who knows - maybe we will see her again.. I hope so!

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