Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking Through and other thoughts

I rode today -- and had 2 break throughs. First I played with Image. I have been working with her with lots of friendly and food - but also concentrating on not allowing her to get in my space. And that has been it for a few weeks - wehave ridden a little - but I just felt sad with her introversion...she would almost go catatonic if confronted with anything strange -- she would do what she was asked - But I could tell she was not"present". but TODAY -- she was present... and this is going to sound strange - but I Reveled in her fears. That she showed them to me-- that and a teeny bit of curiosity. I went to spray her with flyspray and she EXPLODED. SHe had never exploded before. It was easy to deal with - but she showed me that she was afraid!!!! YAY!! SO we played approach and retreat etc.. until she was not too scared. then we played with a plastic bag-- some 1/2 circles and lots of friendly- swatting horse flies. I got a good couple of circles and some front and hind quarter yields... and some back up--- then we stopped to snack of the grass -- then it was up to ride. She did well - we got a few back up steps and some movement. I have decided to take her back to a hackamore until she is more open. Then we would go here and there....with Shadow following. Then she spooked and jumped into a HUGE trot.... I was almost ready though --- she had been very sensitive to things moving around.. another example of how she is coming our of her shell. I stayed on up straight and let her go -- very short lived... and then she was scared..... we petted and walked and went in our circles till it passed...walked a little more -- and I praised her for showing me how she felt instead of shutting me out. It was a breakthrough.... Now next on to Raven - Bonnie was not wanting to play but Raven was - so I thought what the heck -- rode her on the bareback pad for a while then saddled her so I could ride in the field with more confidence with Mom. We rode for over an hour then Kelly rode for an hour--- and Raven only stumbled 3x and all three were because she stepped in a hole... very very minor. SO we rode in the field with Mom and Reno -- and Raven led -- we had 2 battles over leadership -- but I have learned since last time....:-) she tried to rub me off under a tree and was rewarded with beign asked to do circles around the tree-- we used that tactic 2 or three more times when she wanted to go somewhere else.. then we had a great ride. I relaxed into her and we dogwalked and foxtrotted around. Reno following. Then Mom and I practiced walking side by side. So on the way back -- I decided to stop Raven at the gate and prepared her and me to head off faster....and yes -- it is true --- we cantered. 3 or 4 strides - but we cantered. It was on a slight incline .... and what a blast. She was alert -- ears forward - interested and Mom said over and over how pretty she was when she is in the interested and happy state. So - today was a good horse day.. cannot wait for tomorrow!!!

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