Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bonnie and the trail ride lesson

ok - so we are off to try trail riding. Everyone around here trail rides.. and well - Bonnie can trot around and ok so she does not steer real well and come to think of it.. she does not walk off real well -- and ok - so when she does walk off-- I am not so sure I can stop her.. but what the heck -- lets trail ride!!!! She does stand to let me get on...
I took Bonnie and Mom/Reno to a trail ride class with Tony and Jenny at Fair Play. ALl the usual suspects were there and it was 96 degrees and very very humid.

we play on the ground- we do well... we get on... we go -- but go no where... but to the next threshold and I find mine as well -- I reach the end of my emotional strength and have to get off...and walk back

From Susan

You are the person clearly in charge. You use the strengh of your knowledge and product to persuade all people to recognize the suprior product you have. You are the person in charge in the room...all rooms. The minute you walk into the room, your energy tells the people that you are the leader. Your energy confidence overpowers all othersCan you make yourself this same person at home with the horses?Cesar Milan asks this of his dog clients all the time. What energy are you transmitting when you ride Bonnie? Make it be the energy that you take to a work site.Read Cesar's book on all the television shows. Each 1-3 pages tell about the dog, the people, what Cesar said and did and the followup success of failure of the people. Even I understood it after reading about 20 stories. I found myself in Cesar's book too. Worry about stuff and the energy of that worry projects its self into the dog's behavior. I have translated that into projecting myself into Sue's behavior.We are mere bits of emotionalism pieces locked up with a brain will to follow.

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