Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being Aunt Bonnie

I forgot to tell you -- I had Immy Raven Bonnie and Scout together....in one pasture...been working up to that -- so Immy did not get mugged with the baby. but anyway -- I had just added Raven -- she seemed great...but the next day - Raven had stolen the baby-- and had it off in a corner....immy in the barn-- with a full udder... so needless to say --I got that fixed ( Immy is pretty timid) Took Raven out... she had milk... good grief....she does that when she cycles. Raven whinnied most of the morning - being anxious... what a good mom in her day she must have been... I felt sorry for her....I kept sending her thoughts of Immy giving birth --- but still it was sad...she had gotten very attached. So anyway --- all is back to being well -- Scout is Immy's constant companion...it is lovely to watch him get between her and a dog -- or someone he does not know...... life-- it is a beautiful thing.

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