Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Our yard is large and FULL of clover. We had been letting Image and Scout ( they are constant companions) graze in the yard - what a blast it is to look outside and see those big horses right outside the living room windows. We started adding a horse here and there and yesterday had 6 our there. No need to mow this weekend! The baby is wonderful -- he had a bout with rain rot when it was so wet -- but we are over that and beyond a few bare patches he is cute and adorable and loved by the herd. His legs are so long -- he is really having trouble reaching the grass... soooo he has a cute little habit... he lays down and eats that way.....heheh My Niece Maddy came over and rode Raven and Bonnie.. they had a lot of fun and all did well. Raven seemed to like it - although yesterday she went to the end of the pasture when I came out to get Scotty - I have ridden Bonnie a few times and she is progressing - we are now riding in the yard when the others are in their pasture. She seems to have made a change - that this stuff is not so bad -- and she likes hanging out with me.. I have been making a pile of apples in various places when we ride and take her to them...that is her favorite. Mom rode her too...Bonnie is moving forward now at a walk with a little squeeze and stopping with a seat drop -- all at the walk mind you... we are trotting her and I am looking forward to the canter. She has this rocket action in her strong hind quarters. When she goes from a walk to a trot -- she gathers up and "Springs" her hind end a little. Even when you ask easily..... It is pretty comical. I have to say - I am really enjoying her- she and I are quickly becoming real buddies.. and that is what I wanted -- more than riding - more that driving... - that horse... can't wait to bring her to more things. Day before yesterday -- Mom was working her laoding skils and she was doing great... and I thought ...I WONDER......HMMMM. I circled her a little - then sat on the fender of the trailer and asked her to load herself.. she walked up -- looked in ,, decided naw... and we did another gentle circle... I asked again and she walked up, thought about it.. and hopped in, all by her little self....what a time we will hook up the truck and take her for a short tide -- then let her out.. I think she knew we are not going anywhere...I thought I might toake her up the road -- let her out and give her and apple or some grain... rest a few and get back in. I think within the month I will be able to ride her around the farm and when I can do that -- I think we can go on a trail ride.-- we walk her around the town like a puppy. and she is doing well with that. Mom says that Bonnie and I -- and the saddle make a very balanced attractive picture.:-) I was thinking that I had not "done enough " with them this weekend .. not enough work -- but then I thought -- I have been outside with the herd in the yard almost all weekend -- swishing flies for this one -- scratching that one when I walked to the feed shed, Spraying Winnie with water when I was watering flowers.. having my coffee with them-- nudging the sleeping Shadow baby when the herd left...driving one away when they were cranky......I lived with them -- was part of the herd. There is value....great value -- to my soul if nothing else... Image is settling in..I think I am lucky having so many left brained introverts... I don't have to change style a lot when working with them... She is now not mugging me until I get to the feed trough... she used to mug me the whole way -- and she is starting to move out of my way better.. a long way to go... pretty fun though.. she goes to her "happy place" pretty easy ... but I have a bag full of tricks...:-) I think she will really end up being a great horse. So - two years ago -- I stood in the pickup bed scared to death holding scouts halter as mike gave him immunizations.... 3 years ago _ watched in disgust and terror as my father in law and brother in law tied a terrified scout to a tree to give him a shot.... all panicked and fighting the whole way...I went home and said never again.I cried for hours. This week -- I GAVE ALL OF THE SHOTS -- no ropes -- no halters. Walked up to each grazing animal -- petted -- pinched and smacked the side of the neck...checked the response.. if they didnt care.. I gave the shot. if they did. I then went to another horse and tried later. So within a week everyone -- including Tango had been vaccinated with 4 way and west nile. It is so easy to not acknowledge the progress we make - sometimes our progress is measured in years. And I knew that when I got into Naturalhorsemanship. I do miss riding with you... but I also know that you are with me in horse spirit.. and we will ride again together!! That is enough for now... more later.

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