Sunday, December 28, 2008

Midnnight Skye

There are times in your life where material things do not matter at all. That lovely coat - your mother gave you.. all white and furry like a stuffed animal. The one with the silk lining... you remember the one...

but there it is -- laying over a shivering colt - wet and muddy - there are times that material things only have value for what they are... a coat. Beauty and design have no value.

When a bathtub is filled with an inch of dirt as you try to recover the internal temperature of a gasping foal - in a tub of hot water. Muddy water all over the walls and tiles and carpet - crying in the doorway as you wait for the foal to warm or your husband and son in laws strong arms. Towels all muddy as you dry the baby... and rub his newly warmed skin as he attempts to stand.

When the worshop that has been so carefully prepared for Christmas company becomes the intensive care unit for your little treasure....and you rejoice when the baby pees in the middle of the floor...twice, to start......

Clothes all smelly and dribbled with goats milk - smiles of joy when you get up in the mddle of the night and he is standing - being inpatient for his feeding.

These are the things that matter.

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